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Distributed Computing Techniques 2009
9-12 June, 2009
Lisbon, Portugal


Coordination 2009
11th international conference on Coordination Models and Languages

Languages, Models, and Architectures for Concurrent and Distributed Software

Lisbon, Portugal, June 9-11, 2009


Entries are sorted by surname of first author.

  • Farhad Arbab, Tom Chothia, Rob van der Mei, Meng Sun, Young-JoXo Moon and Chretien Verhoef :

From Coordination to Stochastic Models of QoS

  • Christel Baier, Tobias Blechmann, Joachim Klein and Sascha Klüppelholz :

A Uniform Framework for Modeling and Verifying Components and Connectors

  • Marcello Bonsangue, Dave Clarke and Alexandra Silva :

Automata for Context-dependent Connectors

  • Tayeb Bouhadiba and Florence Maraninchi :

Contract-Based Coordination of Hardware Components for the Development of Embedded Software

  • Liliana D'Errico and Michele Loreti :

Assume-Guarantee Verification of Concurrent Systems

  • Susan Eisenbach and Alexis Petrounias :

Fairness for Chorded Languages

  • Bjørn Haagensen and Hans Hüttel :

Parametrised Constants and Replication for Spatial Mobility

  • Abdessamad Imine :

Coordination Model for Real-time Collaborative Editors

  • Chien-Liang Fok, Gruia-Catalin Roman and Chenyang Lu :

Enhanced Coordination in Sensor Networks through Flexible Service Provisioning

  • Jens Chr. Godskesen and Sebastian Nanz :

Mobility Models and Behavioural Equivalence for Wireless Networks

  • Armand Navabi and Suresh Jagannathan :

Exceptionally Safe Futures

  • Carl Ritson, Adam Sampson and Frederick Barnes :

Multicore Scheduling for Lightweight Communicating Processes

  • Jesper Honig Spring, Jean Privat, Rachid Guerraoui, Jan Vitek and Antonio Cunei :

High-Performance Transactional Event Processing

  • Mirko Viroli and Matteo Casadei :

Biochemical Tuple Spaces for Self-Organising Coordination

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