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Distributed Computing Techniques 2009
9-12 June, 2009
Lisbon, Portugal


DAIS 2009
9th IFIP international conference on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems

Lisbon, Portugal, 9-11 June, 2009


Entries are sorted by surname of first author.

  • Diana Comes, Steffen Bleul, Kurt Geihs and Thomas Weise :

A Flexible Approach for Business Processes Monitoring

  • Mate J. Csorba, Hein Meling, Poul E. Heegaard and Peter Herrmann :

Foraging for better deployment of replicated service components

  • Paulo Jesus, Carlos Baquero and Paulo Sérgio Almeida :

Fault-Tolerant Aggregation by Flow Updating

  • Shen Lin, Francois Taiani and Gordon Blair :

Exploiting Synergies Between Coexisting Overlays

  • Raimundo Macêdo and Allan Freitas :

A Generic Group Communication Approach for Hybrid Distributed Systems

  • Alix Mougenot, Xavier Blanc and Marie-Pierre Gervais :

D-Praxis : A peer-to-peer collaborative model edition framework

  • Romain Pellerin, Nicolas Bouillot, Tatiana Pietkiewicz, Mike Wozniewski, Zack Settel, Eric Gressier-Soudan and Jeremy R. Cooperstock :

Toward Highly Collaborative Game Support in an Ubiquitous Computing Architecture

  • Vasanth Rajamani, Christine Julien and Jamie Payton :

Inquiry and Introspection for Non-Deterministic Queries in Mobile Networks

  • Daniel Retkowitz and Sven Kulle :

Dependency Management in Smart Homes

  • Josef Spillner, Matthias Winkler, Sandro Reichert, Jorge Cardoso and Alexander Schill :

Distributed Contracting and Monitoring in the Internet of Services

  • Amirhosein Taherkordi, Quan Le-Trung, Romain Rouvoy and Frank Eliassen :

WiSeKit: A Distributed Middleware to Support Application-level Adaptation in Sensor Network

  • Gareth Tyson, Paul Grace, Andreas Mauthe, Gordon Blair and Sebastian Kaune :

A Reflective Middleware to Support Peer-to-Peer Overlay Adaptation

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